Patrons - Gerald & Linda Martin.

President - Irene Roos.

Vice President – vacant.

Chair and Joint Show Manager – Lesley Szwed. 

Vice Chair - vacant

Joint Show Manager - Georgina Anderson-Keeble. 

Secretary & Webmaster – Carol Walker. 

Treasurer, Membership Secretary and Welfare Officer – Linda Hutchinson.

Committee – Carole Kemp


Lesley Szwed - Lesley is a long time HP "campaigner", a former member of the now long since defunct Non Pedigree Development Association and through her position as Chairman and Show Manager of the Coventry & Leicester Cat Club, has been instrumental in introducing equal titles for household pets in the GCCF. Lesley is also the Kitten Club Administrator and Deputy Safeguarding Officer for the GCCF YES! scheme.

Georgina Anderson-Keeble - Georgina is one of the original pioneers & developers of the GCCF YES! scheme alongside Mel Porter and Anne Gregory and is the Lead Administrator. She looks after Candidates living in the Southern half of the UK, and processes ALL new applications from potential candidates. Georgina is a Show Manager and GCCF steward, and with her husband breeds Egyptian Maus under the “Accio” prefix. 

Carol Walker - Carol is another longstanding HP "campaigner" and served alongside Lesley on the Non Pedigree Development Association committee. Carol has shown non-pedigrees since 1994 and, for many years until his sad passing,  years, also showed a pedigree pet Selkirk Rex. Carol also occasionally  shows her pedigree Selkirks as well as still showing a non-pedigree pet. Carol is a regular HP table worker at shows, a volunteer show reporter, sending show results and photographs to Marcia Owen for the GCCF website, and is also a YES! mentor and official photographer and an HP judge.

Carole Kemp - Carole is another of the original committee of the Non Pedigree Development Association.  She started showing non pedigrees then moved onto Norwegian Forest Cats, Birmans and Nebelungs before going back to the non pedigree section. Carole is also a volunteer show photographer, sending photos up for the GCCF website, and is another YES! mentor and official photographer and HP judge.

Linda Hutcinson  - Linda was also one of the original NPDA committee members and founders and is also a longstanding HP "campaigner". Linda also shows non-pedigree and pedigree pets and is very active in the world of rescue, being involved with a local rescue.