Club Rules & Other Information

Club rules can be downloaded here.


On this page are forms for download and useful information to show what to look for in a Selkirk Rex. EG Medium sized ears, rectangular muzzle- good size rectangular body -  rounded forehead not flat - no nose breaks


Prefix applications from new breeders - please see Members Only Area.

Selkirk Rex Breed Seminar -  this shows what a  Selkirk should and should not look like 

Club Membership Form

Registration Policy

Standard of Points     

Selkirk judges

Guide to Show Preparation written by judge Anne Gregory. Please note that due to the age of this article some links and product details may no longer be available.

PKD TEST FORM - This form has been approved for use at a veterinary practice, for both taking and submitting the samples for testing.

Differences between the Selkirk Rex and other Breeds in the British Section

Differences between the Selkirk Rex and Other Rex Breeds