Shows and show results 

On this page we hope to bring you results from the Club shows.


The Selkirk Rex Cat Club held its first breed show in November 2010 and from 2011 held Championship shows. 

Our 2011 show was held on October 1st  at the Sports Hall Alcester, jointly with the Tabby Cat.  Our 2012 Show was also held jointly with the Tabby Cat.  Our 2013 & 2014 Shows were held jointly with the CRAOV at Lichfield and in 2016 and 2017 we rejoined the Tabby Cat Club to hold a show in Coventry with them and  the Egyptian Mau Club. Our last show, in 2019, was held with the Cheshire Area Cat Club in St Helens. As you can see we have travelled around a bit!

Details of our next show will be published here when available.


The full results from the Selkirk Rex Shows can be downloaded as Word documents from the links below