Virtual Show 2020

As there were no physical shows in 2020 due to Covid 19 we held a virtual show on Facebook for our members. Below are the results together with photos of the BIS winners 


1. Selkirk Rex Adult Longhair.   Pam Beard Smith

Male - 1st  Annie Collins, Ozzy. 2nd Annie Collins, Ghosty.  Female 1st Annie Collins, Chelsea. 2nd Patricia Tegg, Florence. 3rd Zoe Amarilli,Peekaboo. X3rd Patrycja Cyranowska, Gypsy

2. Selkirk Rex Adult Shorthair. Pam Beard Smith

Male - 1st  Zoe Amarilli, Cake. 2nd Zoe Amarilli, Buggles. Female 1st Liz Nazareth, Lavender. 

3. Selkirk Rex Neuter Longhair. Peter Collin

Male - 1st  Marina Higab, Cirrus. 2nd Carol Walker, Dylan. 3rd Carol Walker, Murphy.  Female 1st Marina Higab, Flossy. 2nd Corinne Bromley, Honey. 3rd Corinne Bromley Cherry.

4. Selkirk Rex Neuter Shorthair. Peter Collin

Male - 1st  Corinne Bromley, Ollie. 2nd Julie Harling, Bumble. 3rd  Corinne Bromley, Sami. Female 1st Annie Collins, Misty. 

5. Selkirk Rex Kittens - age 14 weeks to 9 months.  Pam Beard Smith

Male - 1st Zoe Amarilli, Whippersnapper. 2nd Zoe Amarilli, Atticus. 3rd Zoe Amarilli, Pipsey Dipsey. Female - 1st Zoe Amarilli, Myoko.

6. Selkirk Rex Pedigree Pet Longhair. Gavin Eyres

Male - 1st  Carolyn Gerrard, Oliver. 2nd Marina Higab, George Bernard Paw. 3rd  Zoe Amarilli, Hero. Female 1st Pauline Rowley, Lucy. 2nd Karen Layflurrie, Ava. 3rd Julie Harling, Purrdi.

7. Selkirk Rex Pedigree Pet Shorthair. Gavin Eyres

Male - 1st  Julie Harling, Chilli. 2nd Zoe Amarilli, Polar. 3rd  Karen Layflurrie, Artie. Female 1st Corinne Bromley, Echo. 2nd Julie Harling, Chai. 3rd Annie Collins, Fluffy.

8. AO Pedigree Pet Longhair Ena Kelly

Male - 1st  Sarah Holden, Jak Frost. 2nd Lin Newstead, Gandalf. 3rd  Zoe Amarilli,  Fugly. Female 1st Ellen Camilleri, Elsie-Mae. 2nd Marina Higab, Frilly. 3rd Dorothy Farrer, Summer.

9. AO Pedigree Pet Shorthair. Anne-Marie Heath

Male - 1st Karen Layflurrie, Kaelon. 2nd Carolyn Gerrard, Gweir. 3rd  Dorothy Farrer, Mushu. Female 1st Annie Collins, Xena. 

10. Non Pedigree Pet Longhair. Kirstyn Nicholas-Lumley

Male - 1st  Marina Higab, Boxer.  2nd Carol Walker, Angel.  Female 1st Carol Walker, Holly. 

11. Non Pedigree Pet Shorthair. Helen Jones

Male - 1st  Ellen Camilleri, Bob.  2nd Anne Baxby, Tayler. 3rd  Carol Walker, Spud. Female 1st Lin Newstead, Krystal Jade. 2nd Anne Baxby, Felicity. 3rd  Ellen Camilleri, Amber.

12. Household Pet Kitten- age 14 weeks to 9 months. Carol Walker

Male - 1st  Lin Newstead, Ming The Merciless.  Female 1st Carolyn Gerrard, Olga. 



13. I'm Dreaming of a white Christmas- Cats in the snow. Charis White

1st  Carol Walker, Joshy. 2nd Corinne Bromley, Ollie. 3rd  Annie Collins, Dawnee.

14. Look what Santa Brought- Cats with Christmas Presents. Corinne Bromley

1st Julie Harling, Purrdi. 2nd Ellen Camilleri, Bob. 3rd Carol Walker, Joshy.

15. I'm getting ready for Christmas- Cats helping. Marina Higab

1st  Zoe Amarilli, Atticus. 2nd Karen Layflurrie, Ava. 3rd Carol Walker, Spud.

16. Party Time- Cats in Christmas Fancy Dress. Zoe Amarilli

1st  Julie Harling, Bumble. 2nd Carol Walker, Fae. 3rd Karen Layflurrie, Drossy.

17. Cats with Christmas Trees. Patricia Tegg

1st  Ellen Camilleri, Amber. 2nd Zoe Amarilli, Jetranger. 3rd  Corinne Bromley, Boo.

18. 'Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. Cats sleeping, resting, lounging.  Julie Harling   

1st  Sarah Holden, Miss Lily. 2nd Anne Baxby, Dobbie. 3rd Ellen Camilleri, Nelle.

19. Bah Humbug- Cats not so full of Christmas cheer. Pam Beard Smith

1st Sarah Holden, Lootah. 2nd Ellen Camilleri, Elsie-Mae. 3rd Julie Harling, Bumble.

20. Christmas Angels- Rainbow Bridge Cats. Karen Layflurrie

1st  Carole Kemp, Thunder. 2nd Carol Walker, Star. 3rd  Sarah Holden, Lincoln




BOV Selkirk Adult (classes 1-2). Pam Beard Smith - Winner - Zoe Amarilli, Cake

BOV Selkirk Neuter (classes 3-4). Peter Collin - Winner - Marina Higab, Flossy 

BOV Selkirk Kitten (Class 5). Pam Beard Smith - Winner - Annie Collins. Roza

BOV Selkirk Ped Pet (classes 6-7) Gavin Eyres - Winner - Julie Harling, Chilli

BOV AOV Ped Pet (classes 8-9)  Ena Kelly - Winner - Ellen Camilleri , Elsie-Mae

BOV Non Ped Pet (classes 10-11) Kirstyn Nicholas-Lumley - Winner - Ellen Camilleri , Bob

BOV HP Kitten (Class 12) Helen Jones - Winner - Lin Newstead, Ming The Merciless


Overall BIS Pedigree Selkirk.  Peter Collin - Winner - Marina Higab, Flossy

Overall BIS HP.  Patricia Tegg - Winner - Julie Harling, Chilli


SM Choice Selkirk - Patrycja Cyrankowska, Olaf

SM Choice HHP - Anne Baxby, Tayler

SM Special -  Helen Krasner, Ozzy