Titled Selkirks

We hope to provide as full a list as possible of titled Selkirks and any I sot on show reports, Facebook etc I will add, but we can't undertake to provide a complete list on our own so we do need your help. If you want your GCCF titled Selkirk on the list please email us at media@selkirkrexcatclub.co.uk with full details and we will happily add them. Please note that cats are not in any particular order - except for the Olympians -  but are added as we are notified. Due to space etc photos will only be added for Olympian titled cats.

Olympian titled Selkirks

To date there have only been 4 Selkirks who have achieved the coveted,  and extremely difficult to achieve, Olympian status. These are:-


1st Olympian titled Selkirk (1st Bronze, 1st & only Silver, 1st & only Gold, 1st female, 1st & only SH)

UK OG Imp Gr Pr Curlu Neve, owned by Nicky Ryan, bred by Pamela Anderson 








2nd Olympian titled Selkirk (1st male & first LH)

UK OB Imp Gr Pr Crinkles Jack Frost, owned by Carol Walker & Pat Creaton, bred by Kelly  Dove


3rd Olympian titled Selkirk (1st LH female)

UK OB Imp Gr Pr Acozni Fairyfloss, owned by Marina Higab, bred by Anne Minshall



4th Olympian titled Selkirk (1st Adult)

OB Imp Gr Ch Boucles Monsieur Incroyable, owned and bred by Sarah Walker

Photo by Carol Walker

Photo by Carol Walker

Neve 2.jpg

Photo by  


Photo by Marina Higab


Photo by Sarah Walker

UK titled Selkirks

UK Grand Champion

UK Imp Gr Ch Wyrewood Conqueror

UK Grand Premier

UK OG Imp Gr Pr Curlu Neve

UK OB Imp Gr Pr Crinkles Jack Frost

UK OB Imp Gr Pr Acozni Fairyfloss

UK Imp Gr Pr Quizzicurl Clootie Dumpling

Imperial titled Selkirks

Imperial Grand Champion

Imp Gr Ch Acozni Rebuss of Amazolou

Imp Gr Ch Crinkles Hope

Imp Gr Ch Lamblike Moonwalk

Imp Gr Ch Amazolou Mr Brightside

Imperial Grand Premier

Imp Gr Pr Noontide Cookie Starstone

Imp Gr Pr Crinkles Forget Me Not 

Imp Gr Pr Curlu Oscar

Imp Gr Pr Snoshu Stardreamer

Imp Gr Pr Snoshu Bombadil

Imp Gr Pr Boucles Boogie Wonderland

Imp Gr Pr Boucles Madame Pourquoi

Imp Gr Pr Amazolou The New Schmoo

Imp Gr Pr Boucles Mr Meli-Melo

Imp Gr Pr Acozni Karma Chameleon

Grand titled Selkirks

Grand Champion

Gr Ch Crinkles Forget Me Not

Gr Ch Acozni Ziggity Boom

Gr Ch Curlu  Piper

Gr Ch Quizzicurl Clafoutis

Gr CH Curly Ecosse Brilliant Spark (Imp)

Gr Ch Quizzicurl Born To Be Blue

Gr Ch Snoshu Stardreamer

Gr Ch Snoshu Mists Ofavalon

Gr Ch Snoshu Starchaser

Gr Ch Dinozo Shillana

Gr Ch Boucles Monsieur Neige 

Gr Ch Boucles Monsieur Tibault

Grand Premier

Gr Pr Acozni Aldebaren

Gr Pr Noontide Fae Petalsprite

Gr Pr Noontide Jack Sunrunner

Gr Pr Curlu Nate 

Gr Pr Curlu Coco

Gr Pr Quizzicurl Mille Feuille

Gr Pr Quizzicurl Licorice Whirl

Gr Pr Quizzicurl Sir Caradoc

Gr Pr Acozni Antbanderaz

Gr Pr Coraski Razzle Dazzle

Gr Pr Menara Jethro Aussie Dream

Gr Pr Amazolou Mr Brightside

Gr Pr Amazolou Mister Fantastic

Gr Pr Acozni Auntieleonie

Champion & Premier titled Selkirks


Ch Acozni Purrple Reign

Ch Curlu Nate 

Ch. Quizzicurl Creme Brulee

Ch. Quizzicurl Lotusflower

Ch Snoshu Rhapsodyinblue

Ch Amazolou Scooter Boy

Ch Raptinfluff Guinevere

Ch Boucles Monsieur Farfelu

Ch Boucles Pantherlily

Ch Boucles Madame Pourquoi

Ch Acozni Pelonazo Purrfect

Ch Acozni Champagne Rose Mai


Pr Noontide Berry Silvertree

Pr Acozni Aldebaran

Pr Acozni Bumble Ardy

Pr Crinkles Angel

Pr Amazolou Skaramoosh

Pr Boucles Monsieur Chatouille

Pr Acozni Ziggity Boom

Olympian titled Selkirk Pedigree Pets



Sup UK OG IGMC Chilli











OG IGMC Sr Joshua Purrkins 





















UK, OS IGMC Billy Boo










Photo by Carol Walker

Photo by Julie Harling

Photo by Julie Harling

Photo by Corinne Bromley

Screenshot 2022-05-13 221305-gigapixel-low_res-scale-2_00x.jpg

Photo by Carol Walker

Supreme titled Selkirk Pedigree Pets

Sup UK OG IGMC Chilli

Sup IGMC Slinky Malinki

Sup K GMC Oscar

UK titled Selkirk Pedigree Pets

UK Grand Master Cat

UK, OS IGMC Billy Boo

Sup UK OG IGMC Chilli

Imperial Master Cat titled Selkirk Pedigree Pets

Imperial Grand Master Cat

IGMC Oliver

IGMC Remus

IGMC Slinky Malinki

Grand Master Cat titled Selkirk Pedigree Pets

Grand Master Cat

GMC George Bernard Paw

GMC Digger

GMC Tizer

GMC Purrdi Pinkpaw

GMC Colin

GMC Oscar

GMC Colin

Master Cat titled Selkirk Pedigree Pets

MC Boris

MC Bibbity Bobbity Boo